Sargam Plus 50 G


Providing you the best range of Sargam Detergent Powder, Sargam Plus 50 G, Sargam Dishwash Bar, Sargam Detergent Powder 140 G, Sargam 25 g and Sargam Soap with effective & timely delivery.

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Most of our products at Shivani are an eclectic amalgamation of art and science. Our effort is to make sure that the products fall in the middle of this spectrum, where customer satisfaction resides. It is this pursuit of perfection that has led to the development of products like Sargam Plus Cake, Sargam Big Shot Cake, Sargam Big Shot Powder, Sargam Plus Powder & Shine Dishwash Bar.From consumer friendly size options to exemplary packaging design, from contemporary fragrance additions to a precise final product, we go from pillar to post to cast a lasting impression on the consumer.


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